About Us

Photo-grid.org - This is a website that has been established since 2016 with the aim of sharing information and knowledge about photography. If you look at the many interests of everyone on Earth, it is likely that almost everyone will like this one thing, and therefore we will also provide clear information and knowledge or a more detailed explanation for the field of photography, so that you can know and understand this field and can deepen your knowledge about photography on this photo-grid.org site.


Apart from photography, we also provide explanations about art or art. So that every picture you take through the camera can also be a very valuable and interesting art. Of course, it will be very fun if you learn something you like, like this hobby of art photography.


For those of you who are still not clear about this site, or maybe have some criticism and suggestions on our website, please visit the “contact us” page so that you can post everything for our site. Everything that you send to us is of course very valuable to us as long as it can make this site grow and become even better. Thank you for your attention and happy to add insight.