Top 9 Highest Selling Vehicles From The Vannoy Collection Auction


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These nine cars help show just how diverse this collection really was.

Eddie Vannoy amassed an incredible collection of vehicles that were auctioned off this week through Mecum, and it turns out being delayed by almost a month did nothing to slow down bidding. The amazing variety of cars had buyers acting like kids in a candy store with a total of 55 cars, trucks and SUVs being sold off (only four vehicles didn’t sell) for a total of almost $7.1 million – and that doesn’t even include the equally incredible automobilia that was up for grabs. The top nine highest-priced cars alone all exceeded their pre-auction estimates selling for a collective $1.7 million, and they were a shining example of how vastly diverse Vannoy’s collection was ranging from classics to modern vehicles, bone stock to custom restomods.

Image Credit: Mecum

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36 rare vintage Corvettes found in a Manhattan garage after they were abandoned for decades will be raffled off for charity

Lost Corvettes
Lost Corvettes

Brittany Chang/Business Insider

A historic collection of 36 classic Corvettes saved from dilapidation after being hidden underground in a Manhattan garage for decades will soon be given away in a nationwide sweepstakes. 

Corvette Heroes is hosting The Lost Corvettes sweepstakes that will be giving away the cars that it touts as the “greatest barn find in automotive history.”

The Corvette collection has an unusual backstory: this isn’t the first time all 36 of the Corvettes have been given away together. They were originally a part of a 1989 giveaway that landed the cars in the hands of a Long Island man who then passed the cars along to artist Peter Max. Max, however, left the Corvette collection untouched in multiple Manhattan garages for decades before the current team acquired the fleet and decided to host a new giveaway.

The sweepstakes collection includes a Corvette from every production year

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Creative Executive Matthew Moneypenney on Art, Watches and His Favorite Mercedes Benz


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Matthew Moneypenny is a man concerned with both surface and depth, with gorgeous appearances and the knotty realities behind the façade. This is evident in the distinction he makes between fashion and style: “Fashion is a thing which chases trends and is constantly evolving. Style is forever. It’s how we roll through life, how we experience the world visually.”

A former television agent for ICM in London and Hollywood, he moved to New York, where he licensed the work of top fashion photographers, before becoming CEO of Trunk Archive, “the top supplier of high-end imagery to Condé Nast, Hearst and Hachette.”

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Moneypenny’s next project was to boost the negotiating power of photographers and stylists by consolidating fashion agencies into a super-group modeled on Hollywood artists’ agencies. To this end, with a nine-figure investment from Kansas-based asset-management firm Waddell &

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Why will none of London’s museums or art galleries reopen on July 4?

The British Museum - Getty
The British Museum – Getty

Not one of London’s major museums and galleries will reopen on July 4, despite being given the green light to do so from the Government.

The latest easing of lockdown measures means that from next Saturday, cultural institutions, along with pubs, restaurants and hotels, will be permitted to welcome visitors, provided that they adopt a raft of safety and social distancing measures. 

While many hospitality businesses have been clamouring to reopen and quickly announced their plans after the Prime Minister’s statement, the capital’s cultural attractions have been much more reticent.

After the announcement, the Directors of the Tate, Science Museum Group, Natural History Museum, National Gallery, British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum issued a joint statement, which offered no concrete plans:

It stated: “We welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement to allow the safe reopening of our galleries to the public this summer. We will

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