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Photo GridPicture Grid is a free (advert supported) app with lots of options for creating collages, as well as video slide shows accompanied by music. We purchased a large upright fridge/freezer that can be switched between electricity and gas. It has a catch that effectively locks the door so presumably it was made to be used in RVs that may change between powered and unpowered tenting sites. As a result of we desire not to put such a requirement on our present photo voltaic system we choose to attach it to a large lpg cyclinder during the summer nonetheless when we improve our batteries we will change it to electricity.

The following three spite homes owe their existence to a barely different motivation. Instead of being built simply to annoy a neighbour or relative, they were built out of frustration or antagonism with a community or with officialdom, and specifically with the structure of the roads and buildings of their neighbourhood. The first of these is the Hollensbury Spite House depicted within the photo above.

This attention-grabbing challenge for a storage container that looks like a baseball was discovered on Madigan Made and it’s a good different to the standard t-shirt and hat that sports activities followers usually get when a holiday rolls around. The container can be used for different things – as a pen holder, coin jar or as a caddy for nuts, bolts and nails. As a way to make it, you will want a miniature fish bowl and a few glass etching cream.

Destruction and Back: Remember while you had been little and you really liked to build something after which totally destroy it? You are able to do that for an incredible movie. Construct one thing and take pictures along the best way (remember to build on a base that’s put in a marked place in order that your pictures don’t transfer). Subsequent, take a video as one thing like a dinosaur, or monster involves destroy it completely. Once you make the film, you can show it being constructed, then destroyed and then do a reversal. Cool!

Within the grid option, there are all kinds of enhancing possibilities for each individual photograph, as well as for the grid as an entire. You may add totally different backgrounds, filters and borders, as well as draw shapes, and add stickers and text. Photo Grid also offers plenty of template grids that will help you get more inventive with your collages.