Photo Grid Application Features to Make Your Best Photo Collage - After a reunion with friends or a vacation with your family, of course you won’t miss a photo session together right? Having fun together feels incomplete if you haven’t immortalized it with photos, videos, or a boomerang for updates on social media.

In a fun atmosphere, maybe you want to update more than one photo or video from your account. Instead of spamming by posting several photos at once, it’s better to just combine the photos. Here are the features of the Photo Grid application to make your best photo collage.

1. Combine Photos In One Frame


Usually, there are some photos or videos that you want to post from a meeting. Combining several photos or videos allows you to be able to create a unique documentation and of course not spamming on the timeline or Instastory.

Keep in mind that you can not only combine photos in one selected frame, you can also combine videos practically. You only need to choose the layout you want, then insert a photo or video according to your daily needs.

2. Choose A Layout According To The Size Ratio On Instagram


Nowadays, most of the photo and video editing is done so that you can post to Instagram easily. To accommodate this, the PhotoGrid application is made with a variety of layout options that you can adjust as needed.

If you want to post on the timeline in square format, the size ratio you choose can be set to a ratio of 1: 1. However, when you want a size format suitable for Instagram Story (Instastory) posts, the size ratio can be resolved as 16: 9.

3. Apply Editing Features Practically


After being packaged in an editing layout that suits your needs for updates on social media, you can add a variety of practical editing effects. You can apply an Augmented Reality (AR) filter to your face, add memes and GIFs to the combined photos.

Apart from that, you can also create a slideshow by combining several photos and videos at once. Apart from that, add stickers, filters, and change the background to make your photo and video documentation more interesting. Also see: Creating a Modern Minimalist Instastory Frame with the Unfold Application Feature.

4. Create An Attractive Digital Scrapbook Format

Not only with various editing layouts, you can even customize a combination of photos and videos in a scrapbook. With a format like this, you can save a collection of photos that are grouped and created as desired.

5. Make Vertical And Horizontal Filmstrip Formats


If you want to make a more unique collage format, combine photos or videos in the form of a filmstrip. This collage format is suitable for combining photos in a rectangular format that are joined together in one frame. You can use filmstrip in the Photo Grid application with horizontal or vertical formats.

You can get this collage format in a unique format with easy steps. Usually, you can combine three columns in one frame so that it looks balanced and looks more aesthetic.

So, now you don’t need to be confused if you want to combine several photos at once in an image frame. Customize the editing layout to your liking and create with a variety of interesting editing options. And keep on visiting because there will be several other discussions such as the Photo Grid Application Features which we have discussed on this occasion, and please share our site with friends, relatives and also family if you think our website provides the best information and needed by many people.

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