Photographing Nature: Tips for Beginners

When thinking of the best photography subjects, there is perhaps nothing that compares to the beauty of nature. The great outdoor presents an excellent theme for a picture. However, nature photography is not as easy as it seems. With this, if you are a beginner, keep on reading and learn from some of the tips we will share below.

Invest in the Right Equipment

To start with, you need to be armed with the right gears. However, this does not mean that you should go to a shopping spree and spend a huge amount of money on your tools. As a beginner, it makes sense to consider renting your gear. With a camera, lens, and video camera rental, you will be able to enjoy significant savings while also having the opportunity to try different brands and models.

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Study your Subject

Great nature shots result from a careful study and not just luck. With this, you need to connect to your subject, not just to study it. You have to consider what shot you want to create and determine the best approach to making it a reality. It is important to develop a connection, and for sure, this will be evident in the emotion that will be apparent in your photo.

Find the Perfect Location

The choice of location will depend on the subjects that you would want to capture. Choose a location that is safe and accessible. Go online and learn where other nature photographers are going. Since you are a beginner, you need to start out at places that are just nearby or that are ideal for novices. Start with still subjects before you move to those that move. Aside from the location, timing is also key, especially because of its impact on lighting.

Do Not Get Too Close

This is especially the case if you are taking a picture of animals. Safety should be your priority. So, maintain a safe distance from your subject. If you are too close, they might mistake this as a threat, and they can turn aggressive. As much as possible, you should also avoid using flash as this can disturb them. Good thing, a lot of cameras now have decent zoom capabilities, making it easy to shoot your subjects clearly even at a distance.

Find the Light

When you are taking photos of nature, soft and diffused light will work best. This will result in a dreamy picture, making it easy to connect with nature. With subtle lighting, the true color of nature will pop out, even the texture. This will make the pictures more realistic. Shoot just before sunrise or sunset for the most dramatic lighting that will make nature look more stunning!

Take note of the tips that have been mentioned above and it won’t take long before you can do nature photography like a pro!