Clothing Made of Knitted Rubber Bands


Fringe is supposed to come back with a vengeance in 2020, though the degree to which the ongoing global pandemic will stifle predicted trends is still unknown. In decades past, it was associated with cowboy apparel, hippies, and outdated furniture from the 1970s, but it’s now being reimagined as “expensive, elegant, and dressy.”

Outfits from designer Rie Sakamoto's ultra-original Rubber collection.
Outfits from designer Rie Sakamoto’s ultra-original Rubber collection.

A new collection of bold, creative garments from Japanese designer Rie Sakamoto integrates fringe into various garments in surprising ways, all using the most unexpected of materials. “Rubber Collection” takes an object you’d never normally associate with fashion and uses it as the one and only component of a dress and shawl-style jacket: the humble rubber band.

Thousands of ordinary rubber bands are knitted together like more traditional fibers to create these ultra-stretchy orange garments. Sakamoto, a graduating student at Japan’s Tama Art University, knitted them all into

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