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A Garry Winogrand photograph of an opening party at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1969, part of Fraenkel Gallery's 'Dancing in the Street' exhibition. - © The Estate of Garry Winogrand, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco
A Garry Winogrand photograph of an opening party at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1969, part of Fraenkel Gallery’s ‘Dancing in the Street’ exhibition. – © The Estate of Garry Winogrand, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has released the largest and most detailed photograph to date of Rembrandt’s 1642 painting The Night Watch. The 44.8-gigapixel image, which was created from a total of 528 exposures, allows you to zoom in on individual brushstrokes and even particles of pigment. rijksmuseum.nl

As Italy cautiously reopens from lockdown, David Zwirner’s podcast series, Dialogues, releases a meditation on Venice and Rome from the acclaimed poet and New Yorker writer Cynthia Zarin. (Excerpts from her forthcoming book, Two Cities, are available via the gallery’s website as well.) iTunes

The American artist Allan McCollum has amassed 1,200 screengrabs from film and television which, when the subtitles are displayed, 

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how lockdown art classes are booming online


On 30 March, Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons posted a selfie on Instagram holding up a painting of two vases – which he made himself.

In the caption, Parsons told his followers that he created the artwork with the help of an online art class. “They’re doing live classes via zoom and, quite to my delight, I was not only able to figure out how to use zoom, but I also painted this in the process!” he wrote. “No museums are asking to display my first still life painting, but I feel just a little bit more peaceful from the process … and I got to see real life other people who were also taking the class – a real gift right now!”

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Parsons is not alone. Thousands of us have been turning to

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A Free On-line Photograph Editor


Photo GridBerikan foto Anda napas baru, pergi ke Photo Grid yakin akan membuat Anda merasa nyaman. Sebuah aplikasi profesional mengedit foto dengan operasi sederhana membuat Anda terpesona. Ini aplikasi menarik dari mesin dan cepat tangan kanan food regimen menerima Android dengan Obtain Photo Grid For Blackberry dari yang tak tertandingi kami. Tangan cepat sampai teman saya, untuk memiliki gambar yang indah dari saat sekarang. Thanks Julie! I’ve needed a brand new photo enhancing program since Picnik closed its doorways again in April. I REALLY admire this info. Bookmarked! Acrylic paints are utilized in layers allowing time and management to develop accurate highlights and shadowing. After finishing the facial foundation transfer on to portray the eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, nostril, and mouth. Thicken paint to add texture and depth.

Through the Tang Dynasty (618-906AD) in China, cross stitch embroidery thrived and is believed to have spread westward alongside the trade routes. Hold your … Read More

Make A Picture Grid Collage On-line For Free


Photo GridFirst things first, I am so sorry for your loss. Might the knowledge you discover here provide some assist and healing as you seek to embrace your late liked one and discover the necessary power to live on with out them. Mine is situated on grass, so any escapees have long gone, down into the soil or off underneath the hedge. These days, websites like Hubpages, Blogger and WordPress give us a straightforward textual content editor and do all of the coding for us. However once in a while, we nonetheless must crack out the HTML and write the code for ourselves. Jefferson Lima, Mais conhecido Gel Tutoriais , Meu objetivo é trazer sempre conteúdo de ótima qualidade, gostaria de trazer os melhores tutoriais Onde eu possa passar meus conhecimentos para vocês, nesse meu Web site Gostaria de Abordar Tema Varios Tutoriais sobre Android, PC ou qualquer coisa que tenha … Read More